Helen Prejean: Death Penalty Prophet – Visitation

Saturday, October 31
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Visitation North

“Helen Prejean: Death Penalty Prophet” will be facilitated by Kathie Budesky, IHM, MA.

After witnessing the electrocution of a condemned man in a Louisiana prison, Helen Prejean, CSJ, wrote the bestselling Dead Man Walking and set out to bring citizens close to the hard realities of capital punishment. Her mission has taken her to 50 states and to the Vatican, where her personal entreaties to two popes helped shape Catholic opposition to the death penalty. We will take a look at her life and her work, her evolution from a woman who prayed for God to solve the world’s problems to one who immersed herself in the struggle of poor people forced to live on the margins of society.

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