Day of Reflection on Being Artisans of Hope – IHM Motherhouse

Saturday, January 25
10:30 am - 3:30 pm

IHM Motherhouse

“Day of Reflection on Being Artisans of Hope” is presented by Leara Glinzak.

Art opens us to appreciate hope in new and sometimes surprising ways. How are we each an artisan, a person who uses our own gifts of creativity to behold the world? How are we called to be artisans of hope in our world? Join us for an experiential approach to deepening our spirituality and our commitment to care for others, the world and our own lives through both art and spirituality.

Leara Glinzak is a registered art therapist with expertise in art therapy programs, advocacy, education and research.

Suggested offering is $60 and includes lunch and basic art materials.

To register, call 734-240-5494 or email

Registration deadline is Jan. 11, 2020. Download the flyer here.