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Our Lenten Journey

Once again, the church invites us to enter into Lent and reflect on how we live our Christian lives. We do this amidst our world broken by war and natural disasters. Millions of refugees are spawned by dangerous situations across the globe. We are challenged to step into their pain, to be with them as they embark on journeys forced upon them.

As we move through the days of Lent, we pose various questions, quotes and poetry for reflection each week.  Hopefully, as we arrive at the Easter celebration, we will continue to be pilgrims with all of our sisters and brothers that may be ONE for …

We are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny.

Earth Charter

Ash Wednesday, February 21

On Ash Wednesday, we may choose to be marked with ashes. This action will signify our commitment to our own Lenten journey and willingness to join others on their march to freedom. Ashes are remnants. Ashes remind us of where there was life. Ashes invite us to choose the journey to a new life.

Why do you choose to be signed with Ashes?

Friday, February 24

We are challenged to step into refugees’ pain as they embark on journeys forced upon them. During the next forty days, we can become aware of their treacherous pathway. Begin this sacred time by watching the update of the OSP-IHM Collaborative Ministry at the US-Mexico Border. Pay special attention to (32 minutes into the video) the journey refugees walk through called the Darien Gap; it is just one of the horrific challenges experienced by some refugees in Latin America who are longing to be welcomed by the United States. 

Tuesday, February 28

For today’s Lenten reflection, we invite you to listen to the poet Warshan Shire reading her poem, Home. Focus on the following stanza:

no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well
your neighbors running faster than you

                                                             -Warshan Shire

Friday, March 3

“What tempts me to avoid seeing the pain of others?

March 7

I wonder how the Spirit speaks to me in my daily life …

March 10

Today’s Lenten reflection challenges me to ask, “How am I tempted to “lord” it over a friend or family member?”

March 14

How do I accept the invitation from God:  Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy?  What does this cost me?

March 17

What burdens do I carry that weigh me down on my journey?

March 21

Yesterday we said goodbye to winter and welcomed the first day of Spring. “How will I celebrate the wonders of Spring?”

March 24

Continuing my journey, I listen with Mary as she hears an angel say: “do not be afraid,you have won God’s favor.  You will bear a son.”  Mary questions: How? When have I questioned God?

March 28

Am I aware of what God is calling me to be and to do at this time in my life? What is my invitation?

March 31

Today’s Lenten reflection question is, “How am I affected by the rampant gun violence in our nation?”

April 4

At the conclusion of this Lenten journey, I gather all the gifts I have received.  I offer to “wash the feet” of my companions as Jesus did and to break bread in his memory.

April 7

From ashes to the cross on this Good Friday, I stand with my struggling migrant sisters and brothers on their journey. Will I continue to “wear” the Ashes that call me to choose life with my sisters and brothers?