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<strong>The IHM Leadership Council calls to end the epidemic of gun violence in America </strong> Feature Image

The IHM Leadership Council calls to end the epidemic of gun violence in America

We, the Leadership Council of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Monroe, Michigan, are heartbroken by the tragic attacks in Colorado Springs, Colorado November 19 and at a Walmart in Virginia yesterday evening. We lament the culture of gun violence and the hatred that are the root causes of these tragedies. The accessibility and use of weapons of war must end as quickly as possible.

Our faith, hope and love call us to prayer, reflection and action. We pray for the victims, their families, friends and the nation. We pledge to address the root causes of prejudice and violence within ourselves as we examine our own thinking, words, beliefs and actions that perpetuate discord in our relationships and our circles of influence. We also pledge to work for a transformation of structures and systems that promote prejudice and actions of violence. We stand with persons who are excluded and denied human dignity. We commit ourselves to help address the anger, contempt, and indifference that fuel violence against people because of their sexual orientation, skin color, race or religion. We commit to encouraging our congregation, families, friends and opponents to join us.

May we help each other. May we see each other as brothers and sisters, all loved by God, sharing precious life on our common Earth home. May we move forward together toward peaceful, welcoming, inclusive, diverse communities.

The IHM Leadership Council
Margaret Chapman, IHM – Treasurer and Mission Councilor
Marianne Gaynor, IHM – Vice President and Mission Councilor
Mary Jane Herb, IHM, President
Patricia McCluskey, IHM – Mission Councilor
Ellen Rinke, IHM – Mission Councilor