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For the Good of Souls Feature Image

For the Good of Souls

“For the Good of Souls: The Gifts of the IHM Sisters” is an exhibit that celebrates the 175th anniversary of the IHM Congregation that was featured in the Motherhouse Gallery, Sept- Nov 2021. The exhibit includes photos, art, artifacts, and audio and visual recordings from the IHM Archives arranged in 10 distinct displays. IHM Archivist Jennifer Meacham explains: “Our goal was to highlight a variety of topics that paint a picture of IHM history, including many of the accomplishments, the hardships and the joys of IHM sisterhood.”

In his account of the origin of the IHM Congregation, co-founder Rev. Louis Florent Gillet wrote: “… I began, urged by the pressing need of offering Christian education in Monroe, without concerning myself too much about the future of that nascent work, leaving to God alone the care of blessing it and of making it prosper if it were pleasing to Him and useful for the good of souls.”