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Celebrating IHM Associate Commitments Feature Image

Celebrating IHM Associate Commitments

Life long commitments of Barbara Bacci-Yugovich, Nancy Vallieres, and Marsha West

IHM Sisters welcome new associate Joan Hinsdale

On Sunday, Sept. 26, the IHM community celebrated the life-long associate covenant of  Barbara Bacci-Yugovich, Nancy Vallieres, and Marsha West.  They were presented by Anne Crimmins, IHM, co-coordinator of the IHM Associates,  and accepted by Pat McClauskey, IHM,  Associate Liaison on behalf of the Leadership Council. The ceremony took place in the IHM Motherhouse Chapel with a brunch following the liturgy. 

Barb Bacci-Yugovich,
IHM Associate

Barbara Bacci-Yugovich, co-coordinator of IHM Associates, made her initial commitment as an IHM Associate in 2013, seeing it as an opportunity to pick up the threads of IHM from earlier in her life.  Since that time, Barb has been an active member of Namaste Mission Circle and active in several IHM committees, including Associate representation on the Coordinating Council. 

Nancy Vallieres, IHM Associate

Nancy Vallieres made her initial commitment as an IHM Associate in 2011.  Since that time she has been an active member of a Mission Unit and more recently, the Wisdom Circle.  Nancy participates in community gatherings and finds being an associate a wonderful way to continue the many relationships developed during 14 years as an SSIHM employee.

Marsha West,
IHM Associate

Marsha West made her initial commitment as an IHM  Associate in 2013.  Initial contact with the community through the Nun’s Life Community led her to the IHM.  Marsha has been an active member of Mosaic Mission Circle, a regular volunteer in the Motherhouse community and an active participant in many community meetings and events.

On Sunday, October 17, Joan Bridget Hinsdale of Evanston, Illinois, celebrated her commitment as an IHM Associate with the sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM).

Joan proclaiming her commitment

          Joan Hinsdale’s associate ceremony took place in the IHM Motherhouse Chapel.  Joyce Durosko, IHM, served as her vowed companion on the journey of preparation to become an IHM Associate.

         Hinsdale holds an MBA from Chicago’s National Louis University and is a registered RN, in Pediatrics, since 1999.  Since 2020, she gives her time to The Cradle in Evanston, where she works with infants.  She is also a member of St. Nicholas Church of Evanston, Illinois. Joan’s sister is Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM, and her mother, the late Janice Hinsdale, was also an IHM Associate.

Barb Bacci-Yugovich, IHM Associate invites the community to witness Joan’s associate commitment. Accompanied by Joyce Durosko, IHM companion and Pat McCluskey, IHM

Associates are women and men of different ages, backgrounds and faith traditions who are attracted to the vision and values of the IHMs. Associates maintain their own homes, families and lifestyles. After a period of discernment and orientation, they enter into a formal covenant with the community for a specific, renewable period of time, focusing on prayer, community and ministry. The first IHM Associate was accepted in 1977.