Celebrating Jubilarians!

Congratulations to our 29 Jubilarians for 2021. Together, they represent 1,990 years of vowed religious life!

2021 Jubilarians

80 Years
Marie (Marie Anthony) Gatza
Jean Ann (Viviana) Gorman
Eileen (Mary Gael) Houilhan

75 Years
Patricia (Helen Mary) Aseltyne
Bernetta Harriet Booms
Jane Arthur Duffy
Carola (Carola) Keffler
Donna Mary (Noel Marie) Kerr
Ann Gabriel Kilsdonk
Josephine (Joecile) McNamara
Dorothy (John Ellen) Nauer
Madonna (Martha Ann) Oswald
Patrice (Patrice Marie) Selby


70 Years
Margaret (Paul Therese) Babcock
Jean (Jean Pierre) McInerney
Amata (Amata) Miller
Marcella (Ann Lawrence) Regan
James Marian Sarchet

60 Years
Anne (Judith Mary) Crimmins
Chris (Christine Marie) Gellings
Angela (Marie Benjamin) Hibbard
Judith (Norma Jean) Kaiser
Rose Ange (Robert Joseph) Leddy
Mary Ann (Mary Charles) Mehling
Judith (Marie Jude) O’Brien
Kathleen (Catherine Vincent) Schultz
Marie Rebecca Vonderhaar
Barbara (Barbara Marie) Zimmer

50 Years
Sister Adele Stommel