National Vocation Awareness Week

The week of Nov. 3-9 has been designated as National Vocation Awareness Week in the United States.

When we look at vocation awareness, we are lead into the sense of being called into something, being called into our own future, being called by energy bigger than ourselves. Many of us name this as awareness of God in our lives, others may use different names. But being called by God into a deeper relationship with God and the Universe, whether with another person, with a cause or value system or whether the call leads us to consider another lifestyle and commitment such as religious life the call itself comes from deep within.

Let us collaborate with God and be aware of ourselves and those around us by joining in prayer with those who may be discerning a call to religious life, by being bold and extending the invitation to someone we believe may be on the edge of discernment. Above all let us be true to ourselves and respond to what lies ahead by trusting in the God who calls, who accompanies and who leads us to where we are meant to be.

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