40 years of IHM Associates!

DSC_0641On Sunday, Sept. 23, the IHM Sisters joined with their Associates to celebrate 40 years of an IHM Associate presence within the community.

With the theme, “God Weaves One Community,” the day began with a joyous liturgy in the IHM Sisters’ Motherhouse Chapel. Associates and their guests, each of whom had been significant to them on the journey of preparation to become associates, celebrated the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

In her reflection during the liturgy, Associate Co-Coordinator Barbara Bacci-Yugovich noted that, “Over the years, each Associate has committed to partner with the IHM Sisters in God’s mission through prayer, community and ministry. The mission that Jesus first called his disciples to embrace is the same mission for each of us gathered here today. This transformative journey of ‘threading justice into the wider community fabric’ is what we as IHM Sisters and Associates embrace, bless and celebrate today and into the future. With gratitude for all that has been, may God, our Weaver, continue to design and fashion us, in ways we have yet to imagine!”

The liturgy was followed by brunch, a brief program highlighting the rich history of the IHM Associates, discussion and the opportunity to contribute to a “memory page” for a Weaving One Community book commemorating the milestone anniversary.

Associates are women and men of different ages, backgrounds and faith traditions who are attracted to the vision and values of the IHMs. Associates maintain their own homes, families and lifestyles. After a period of discernment and orientation, they enter into a formal covenant with the community for a specific, renewable period of time, focusing on prayer, community and ministry. There are currently 123 IHM Associates. Learn more about the IHM Associates here.

Here are some highlights of the anniversary celebration.