Justice, Peace and Sustainability Weekly Announcement

March 23, 2017

Protect and restore the integrity of Earth’s ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life.
- The Earth Charter

Ask Congress to Protect the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth. More than 35 million people rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water, jobs and their way of life. More than 3,500 species of plants and animals live in the Great Lakes basin. More than 170 species of fish inhabit the Great Lakes, their tributaries and connecting waterways.

March 22 was World Water Day. One week earlier, the Trump Administration released its 2018 budget proposal that included the complete elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is a popular program responsible for cleaning up toxic pollution, restoring wildlife habitat, controlling invasive species and reducing runoff from cities and farms. The cuts are part of the administration’s efforts to gut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by $2.6 billion, almost one-third of the budget for the agency responsible for ensuring every American has clean, safe drinking water.

This is just the beginning of the budget process. Click here to send a message to your members of Congress letting them know you are counting on them to protect the Great Lakes. For more information go to the IHM Global Water Crisis Page.

Did you Know...?
The Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue (ICCD) is pleased to offer the resources, Finding Our Balance Post-Election and an accompanying process guide. Nancy Sylvester, IHM, draws on ICCD’s 15-year experience working with impasse, communal contemplation, dialogue and exercising contemplative power to analyze where we are now and what is needed to move forward together. Use these resources with your family, friends and colleagues in the months ahead. They are available at www.iccdinstitute.org.
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